Do you have data silos among different practice management systems? Is it difficult to aggregate data from all these PM systems to get clear actional information that will improve the financial outlook? You have come to the right place. At Allruva we have vast experience in pulling together dashboards/KPI to improve revenues.

One of the fastest ways for healthcare organizations to grow is through acquisitions, this is quite common in a lot of specialty such as dental, Eyecare, Surgery centers etc. As organizations grow through acquisitions, they start to accumulate EMRs overtime and end up with multiple EMRs. This makes it overly complicated to extract practice management/financial data from each of the EMR to consolidate data across the healthcare organizations for the C-Suite to drive the company in the right direction. Most organizations spend a lot of manual time pulling this data from each EMR into Excel files and merge all the data for the management team, this usually takes a long time and is error-prone and defeats the purpose of having this data on the fingertips to make actionable decisions that would make the healthcare organization profitable.


Allruva Technology services have brought to the table and efficient data aggregation service that would extract data from all EMRs in an efficient manner and roll them up into actionable dashboards. These dashboards are very interactive and very up to date, these can be accessed by the C-Suite using their mobile phones and make decisions in a timely manner. These dashboards will shed light in areas that can be improved immediately to increase the revenues and stop any leakage of dollars.


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“Managing technology projects and teams for a large organization often means unique skillsets are needed quickly to complement our internal resources. Allruva provided my team with App Developers, BI, RPA, SysAdmins and DBA resources with the right experience. Allruva is a trusted partner and brings tremendous value with their level of service and personnel quality.”

“Allruva has been instrumental in bringing value to our business by sunsetting legacy reporting technology which was expensive and hard to maintain. This has saved us thousands of dollars each year and made it efficient for supporting the BI platform.”

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